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  • Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Kit



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With your Noir Tip to Toe Kit, you'll have everything you need to give yourself a perfect tan at home!!

Our custom made mitts are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring a perfect prep with a fast and flawless application in minutes!

Streak-free application / Quick & Easy to use / Professional finish in minutes / Protects hands from staining  

1 x 200ml Noir Mousse
1 x 200ml Noir Enhance

1 x Deluxe Applicator Mitt
1 x Deluxe Exfoliator Mitt


Mousse Directions: For a flawless and streak-free application, pump Noir Mousse onto your Noir Deluxe Applicator Mitt and apply to skin using a circular motion. To be able to enjoy your Noir Tan for 7 - 10 days, ensure your skin has been prepped thoroughly using the Noir Deluxe Exfoliator Mitt. Developing time 6 - 8hrs depending on the depth of colour desired.


Enhance Directions: Apply Noir Enhance after every shower into the palm of your hands and rub gently into the skin. Enhance is perfect to apply daily to maintain and extend the life of your professional spray tan. Or if used daily as a gradual tan, the results will be visible in a few short days. Noir Enhance is suitable for the whole body. Wash hands immediately after every application with soap and water to avoid hand staining.